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DISCOGRAFIA (principal)

Lex Metallis (full-length)
Ano: 2009
Selo: Retroactive Records

Track listing:
1. Ton Of Bricks (Metal Church cover)
2. Locked In Chains (The Moshketeers cover)
3. Sin After Sin (Twisted Sister cover)
4. Creeping Death (Metallica cover)
5. Denim And Leather (Saxon cover)
6. Gut Wrench (Mortification cover)
7. Motopsycho (Megadeth cover)
8. Metal Health (Quiet Riot cover)
10. Iron Fist (Motorhead cover)
11. Can't Get Out (Vengeance Rising cover)
12. Wrathchild (Iron Maiden cover)
13. Powersurge (Overkill cover)

Into The Pit (full-length)
Ano: 2007
Selo: Retroactive Records

Track listing:
1. One for All
2. Exonerate
3. Deathwish
4. Blood Covenant
5. Heart of Metal
6. Wrathchild (Iron Maiden cover)
7. Transgressor
8. Blink
9. Blind Faith
10. Into the Pit (Instrumental)
11. Game Over

...'til The End (EP)
Ano: 2006
Selo: Roxx Records

Track listing:
1. Deathwish
2. One For All
3. Heart of Metal
4. Blind Faith
Bonus tracks
5. Sins of Omission
6. Blink [live]

The Mechanics Of Perilous Times (full-length)
Ano: 2000
Selo: independente

Track listing:
1. Temple of the Spirit [MP3 (4,702 kb)]
2. Greed Regime, Inc.
3. Perilous Times
4. Shroud of Science
5. The Purging
6. Crash Course [MP3 (7,810 kb)]
7. Warlord's Sword
8. Burn [MP3 (5,382 kb)]
9. MutalMitlu
10. Violence & Bloodshed
Letras | Notas (em inglês)

Puppet Of Destruction (full-length)
Ano: 1998
Selo: Rowe Productions

Track listing:
1. Never [MP3 (6,131k)]
2. Mortal Stomp
3. Scorn
4. Puppet of Destruction
5. Gutterbox
6. Repentance
7. World of Sin
8. Crosshope
9. Conform to Reality
10. Charged/Power
Letras | Notas (em inglês)

Symphonic Extremities (full-length)
Ano: 1995
Selo: Juke Box

Track listing
1. Symphonic Extremities
2. The Killing Fields
3. E.N.D. (Erroneous Notion of Death)
4. Black Light
5. Darkest Void
6. Ode to Noise
7. The Grip
8. Fatal Delay
9. Megaton
10. Blink
11. World of Sin (faixa bonus disponível apenas no CD re-issue)


Fatal Delay/1993
(4 song demo) 
Wickedness & Perdition
Fatal Delay
All I Need
Plea for Holiness

Symphonic Extremities by Ultimatum/1995 
(5 song demo)
Symphonic Extremities
Killing Fields
Black Light
The Grip

Lightning Strikes Twice Again Vol. 2
"Heart of Metal"
(from the "'Til the End!" EP)

Headbanging 101
(Retroactive Records)
8. Deathwish By Ultimatum (from "Til the End!")
11. Violence and Bloodshed (from "Mechanics")
14. Symphonic Extremities By Ultimatum (from "Symphonic")

Extreme Mardi Gras
Extreme Compilation
"The Purging"
(from "Mechanics of Perilous Times")

Thorns of Redemption
The Compilation Volume 1
"Heart of Metal" (2004 rough demo)
Released in August 2004

Jump in the Pit-A Tribute to Testament
(Dwell Records)
"Sins of Omission"

The Metal Merchant Vol. 12 (Metal Merchant)
"Temple of the Spirit"  (from "Mechanics of Perilous Times")

2000-A Second Coming (Dwell Records)
"Never" (remix version)
Released January 2000

Massive Frequency Overload-the US Hard Compilation (Rowe Productions)
"World of Sin" (demo)

HM Magazine May/June 98 CD Sampler
Gutterbox (pre-release mix)

NMRC Compilation Vol. 1
"Darkest Void"
(from "Symphonic Extremities")

Up From the Ashes II (DVD)
Contains four live Ultimatum tracks (2 are hidden Easter Eggs) Also contains tracks from Once Dead with Scott Waters on vocals, and two tracks from Saint, with Robert Gutierrez on guitar.

Holy Soldier - Live, Rare & Raw (DVD)
Contains a live version of "Greed Regime, Inc." recorded at the Up From the Ashes Festival in Anaheim, CA, 2005.

Once Dead - Return with a Vengeance (DVD)
Vengeance Rising reunion DVD features Scott Waters on vocals and also a bonus track of Ultimatum performing "Blink".


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